Modern Contemporary Design

When you go to meet with Frank for the first time, wear something you love; something that showcases your personality and the lifestyle you lead. For Frank, getting a feel for who his clients' are is the most important step in his creative process. He feels that you can tell a lot about a person from how they present themselves. Knowing the client is what defines his entire design philosophy. Frank loves to play with color, texture, and the use of light within a space. His projects, when finished, have a contemporary feel with clean, modern lines juxtaposed against lamps and vases with soft shapes and paintings in welcoming color pallets. Frank has often used a client's favorite piece of artwork as the foundation for a room. He gets a feel for each individual space: how the natural light falls, how the room is shaped, what purpose the room serves for the house, and goes from there.

Frank is very professional, works very well with the client's lifestyle and tastes. He has a very good eye for color and what works best in the space. Very creative, good ideas, hands on if necessary.

Ruth Elwell

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