Penthouse Project

04 Oct 2013

Penthouse Project Description

Frank stumbled upon his love for design when he began purchasing homes for resale. The more homes he made over, the more he began to recognize his knack for both interior and exterior design. Frank is a self-starter, someone who is motivated from within by a passion for design and a desire to bring the client’s vision to life. He will often take potential clients out to past project's in order for them to immerse themselves within the space and begin deciding what elements will work best for them.

Frank has no set process for beginning a project. Everything comes down to what an individual client wants and needs. Frank recognizes that no two projects are the same, and refrains from any set rules or steps as a result. Thank to Frank’s wonderfully gifted creative team, he often has pieces of furniture made especially for a home. This assures the unique nature of each project and helps capture even better the unique personality of each client since no two couches or end tables are the same! It is abilities such as these paired with past experience that gives Frank the unique ability to see a project from start to finish; from conception to completion!

I heard about Frank through a building friend who had worked with him on a few developments. Frank helped remodel my home. I've built a few homes and have some experience in the area, but I needed some help with the decorating part. I really appreciated his expertise and experience. He did a great job and was good guy to work with.

Gordy Lister

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